Understanding the 6-Axis Robotic Arm End Effectors

The 6-Axis Robotic Arm has access to two different end effectors. End effectors are the tools you attach to the end of the arm to change the capabilities of the 6-Axis Arm.

There are two end effectors available depending on what you need for your project:

  • Magnet Pickup Tool
  • Pen Holder Tool

Magnet Pickup Tool

Magnet Attachment.png

The Magnet Pickup Tool end effector allows the 6-Axis Arm to pick up VEX objects that have magnets in them, like the Cubes and Disks.


At the start of each project, the Magnet Pickup Tool end effector will be disengaged. It must be engaged with the Set magnet block or equivalent text command.

Pen Holder Tool

Pen Attachment.png

The Pen Holder Tool end effector allows the 6-Axis Arm to draw on the CTE Tile. The CTE Workcell Kit comes with a Dry-Erase Marker and a Dry-Erase Surface that can be attached to the CTE Tile.

End Effectors in VEXcode

By default, the 6-Axis Arm's end effector is set to the magnet at the start of each project.


You can use the Set end effector block or equivalent text command to change the end effector.

Screenshot 2024-06-06 at 12.16.59 PM.png

If you are using the Teach Pendant, you can also set the end effector in the Teach Pendant Settings. Go to this article to learn about using the Teach Pendant.

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