Assembling Custom Serpentine Conveyors

The VEX CTE Workcell is designed to emulate real-world applications of workcells within the manufacturing industry. The Serpentine Conveyor is one of the most commonly used conveyor systems for assembling and transporting materials. You can assemble your own custom serpentine chains beyond what is shown in the build instructions when completing challenges.

Note that the example provided below is based on the standard Serpentine Conveyor layout. This same process can be applied to conveyors of any configuration.

Tracks on Tile.png

First, assemble the custom Serpentine Conveyor track pieces for the track you want to make and attach it to the CTE Tile. Note that the Turn Track pieces will need to be secured to the CTE Tiles with Star Drive Screws and Low Profile Nuts.

Leave a gap in your custom Serpentine Conveyor track for the Serpentine Conveyor - Drive Track. Do not attach the Drive Track to the rest of your Serpentine Conveyor.

Chains in Track.png

Lay out the Serpentine Conveyor - Chain in the assembled track to see if it needs more or less chains for the desired distance. The chain should:

  • Fit snugly within the base of the track pieces
  • Not have slack in the opening for the Drive Track
  • Not need to be stretched in order to fit in the base of the track pieces 

Connecting Chain Links.png

Detach or attach Serpentine Conveyor - Chain pieces until you have the desired length for your custom Serpentine Conveyor track.

Attach the Serpentine Conveyor - Chain's beginning and end to make a complete chain.

Assembling a Chain Link.png

For every Serpentine Conveyor - Chain you are using, you will need a Serpentine Conveyor - Platform.

Attach the Serpentine Conveyor - Platforms to your Serpentine Conveyor - Chain.

Assembling the Conveyor Driver Pt 2.png

Place part of your assembled Serpentine Conveyor - Chain inside the Serpentine Conveyor - Drive Track, attached to the Smart Motor.

Assembling the Conveyor Driver Pt 3.png

Place one Rubber Shaft Collar underneath the Smart Motor.

Place the 32 Tooth Sprocket in the opening of the Serpentine Conveyor - Drive Track.

Place the 3x Capped Shaft through the Sprocket, topped by the other Rubber Shaft Collar to secure the parts in place.

Attaching the Driver Track.png

Attach your assembled Serpentine Conveyor - Chain and Platforms with the Serpentine Conveyor - Drive Track into the rest of your assembled Serpentine Conveyor track.


Your custom Serpentine Conveyor is now complete!

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