Comparing the AI Vision Sensor to the V5 Vision Sensor

This article is for those who currently are using the Vision Sensor and are considering upgrading to the AI Vision Sensor. The purpose of this article is to compare the specifications between the Vision Sensor and AI Vision Sensor.

  AI Vision Sensor Vision Sensor
Horizontal Field of View (FOV) 74 degrees 64.6 degrees
Vertical Field of View (FOV) 63 degrees 46 degrees
Diagonal Field of View (FOV) 87 degrees 74.5 degrees
Resolution 320 x 240 pixels 316 x 212 pixels

The AI Vision Sensor represents a significant enhancement over its predecessor, the Vision Sensor. Notably, its camera range has been expanded, and it now integrates Artificial Intelligence capabilities. This advanced feature enables the sensor to swiftly identify and interpret specific colors, color combinations, and even AprilTags.

What is the Field of View?

The Field of View (FOV) of a camera determines the extent of the world it can capture in a single frame, akin to its viewing angle. A broader FOV allows for a wider perspective, while a narrower FOV limits the scope. With enhanced FOVs across all parameters, the AI Vision Sensor boasts an expanded visual range, surpassing the capabilities of the standard Vision Sensor.

What is Resolution?

Resolution refers to the number of pixels on the screen of the AI Vision Sensor. A higher resolution results in sharper and clearer images, enhancing the sensor's ability to perceive and identify objects and colors with precision. For a deeper understanding of how the sensor utilizes its resolution and how to interpret its screen, refer to Using the AI Vision Utility with the AI Vision Sensor in VEXcode V5.

What are AprilTags?

AprilTags are the simple block patterns that can be found on things like VEX’s Disks or Cubes. Read Using the AI Vision Sensor to learn more about them and how to use them with the AI Vision Sensor.

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