Troubleshooting the V5 Brain White Screen Error

This article explains how to identify and resolve a white screen error on the V5 Brain.

How to Identify a White Screen Error

There are a few symptoms that will help to identify this specific error:

  • The entire V5 Brain LCD screen, including the status bar at the top, turns white.
  • The V5 Brain cannot execute any actions.
  • Robot loses connection to the field control system.
  • Is only resolved by a hard power cycle of the V5 Brain (i.e., must fully disconnect V5 Battery from the V5 Brain, wait 10 seconds, then reconnect V5 Battery & power on V5 Brain as normal).

General Tips to Help Resolve and Mitigate White Screens

There are a few things teams can do to resolve and prevent white screens.

1. Ensure VEXos is updated to the latest version

Teams should always use the latest VEXos version to ensure compatibility with the field control system, which includes all known fixes for white screen errors. Keeping up to date with VEXos will help mitigate white screen errors, it may not entirely prevent them.

2. Ensure a Good Battery Connection

VEX has found that the leading cause of white screen errors is an intermittent power connection in the circuit between the V5 Battery and the V5 Brain. A loss of power—even for a period of less than a second—can lead to a white screen. To help ensure a reliable main-power circuit, teams should check the following regularly:

  • Inspect the connectors on the V5 Battery, V5 Brain, and on the V5 Battery Cable to ensure that the pins inside of the plastic connectors are not loose and are not able to move around inside of the connector.
  • Ensure that when the V5 Battery Cable is connected to the V5 Battery and the V5 Brain, the connectors fully seat together and cannot easily be pulled apart.
  • Rigidly mount both the V5 Brain and the V5 Battery on the robot. If the battery can easily slip out of its mount, there is a risk that the V5 Battery Cable will disconnect and cause a power fault.

Recommended White Screen Troubleshooting Procedure

Teams should follow these steps to help diagnose the root cause and/or prevent white screen errors:

  1. Ensure all devices are updated to the latest VEXos.
  2. Ensure V5 Battery is fully charged.
  3. Ensure a secure battery connection between the V5 Battery Cable and the V5 Brain.
  4. Ensure a secure battery connection between the V5 Battery Cable and the V5 Battery.
  5. If white screens still occur, replace the V5 Battery Cable.
  6. If white screens still occur, replace the V5 Battery.
  7. If white screens still occur, replace the V5 Brain (if possible).
  8. If the situation cannot be resolved using any of these troubleshooting steps, contact for further assistance.

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