Legal Pneumatics for Use in the VEX Robotics Competition (VRC)

Per the VRC Game Manual, there are three types of pneumatic components permitted in the VEX Robotics Competition:

  • The official V5 Pneumatics Kit (released in 2023), manufactured by and purchased from VEX
  • Legacy (pre-2023) components purchased directly from VEX
  • SMC components that are equivalent to the legacy VEX components, but manufactured by and purchased from SMC (or an SMC reseller)

This article is intended to be a visual inspection reference that will help clear up any confusion regarding differences in part numbers or appearance. The parts below are the ONLY pneumatic components that are VRC legal; parts which look similar to a legal part in all ways except color or material are prohibited.

Note: This article replaces the “Legal Pneumatic Parts” PDF document that was used previously (prior to the 2023 season), and is considered an official reference for competition legality.

V5 Pneumatics Kit


  • There are no SMC equivalents for parts found in the V5 Pneumatics Kit.
  • The V5 Pneumatics Kit and legacy/SMC parts are compatible; using parts of both types on the same robot is legal, provided no other rules are violated.
  • See this article from the VEX Library for more information about each component, including a diagram of one possible configuration.
Part Name Image
Air Tank 200mL image6.png

Valve Stem


Note: The V5 Pneumatics Kit includes a valve stem with either hexagonal or knurled cylindrical bosses. Note that both versions are officially permitted for use in the VEX Robotics Competition.


image (37).png

Air Pressure Regulator image24.png
Air Pressure Regulator Bracket image23.png
Air Pressure Gauge image21.png
Fittings Screenshot 2023-08-03 at 4.19.11 PM.png
4mm Plug image28.png
4mm Tubing image31.png
Double Acting Solenoid image7.png
Double Acting Solenoid Driver Cable image25.png
Pneumatic Cylinders - 25mm, 50mm, 75mm Stroke image2.png

Legacy Parts and their SMC Equivalents (pre-2023)

Part Name Additional Description SMC Part Number Image
Reservoir Reservoir, 1-1/2" X 4", w 1/8"NPT & M5 port US14227-S0400 image18.png
Cylinder Single Acting Single Acting Spring Return Cylinder 10mm Bore NCJ2D10-200S image32.png
Cylinder Double Acting Bi-directional Cylinder 10mm Bore NCJ2D10-200 image8.png
Solenoid Fwd, Reverse 5/2 Single Solenoid Valve, 5VDC SYJ3120-SMO-M3-F image27.png
Solenoid On/Off 3/2 Solenoid Valve, 5VDC SY113-SMO-PM3-F image19.png
Solenoid Driver Cable w/Driver, Connects one VEX I/O Port to one Solenoid 275-1417 (VEX p/n) image14.png
Tubing 4mm X 1696mm Length Tubing (Black) TUO425B or 275-0447 (VEX p/n) image15.png
Flow Meter M5 elbow meter out flow control 4mm tubing AS1201F-M5-04T image1.png

Fittings for Valves

4mm Tubing x M3 Thread KJS04-M3 or KJL04-M3 or KQ2S04-M3G or KQ2L04-M3G image26.png

Fittings for Reservoirs

1/8 X 4mm Male Connector To Reservoir KQ2H03-34S or "-34AS" image10.png

Fittings for Cylinders

M5 Male Connector for Cylinders KQ2S04-M5 or "-M5A" image9.png

Tire Pump Fitting

Schrader Valve With 4mm Tube Fittings 8090410075 image29.png

Tire Pump Fitting (2x)

Schrader Valve With 2x 4mm Tube Fittings US3729 image30.png

On/Off Switch

Hand Valve / Finger Valve VHK3-04F-04F image5.png

Pressure Regulator

Mini Regulator w/ 4mm Fittings A-474-0000005 image11.png

"T" Fitting

"T" Fitting for Valves KQ2T04-00 or "-00A" image16.png

Cylinder Mount

Mount for Cylinder CYLINDER-MOUNT image13.png

Cylinder Rod Pivot

Pivot for the Cylinder Rod CYLINDER-ROD-PIVOT image4.png

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