Connecting with App-Based VEXcode V5 - Chromebook

It takes just a few steps to connect a VEX V5 Brain to app-based VEXcode V5 on Chromebook.

To Connect a VEX V5 Brain


Be sure the V5 Battery is charged and is connected to the V5 Brain.

Turn on the Brain by pressing the Power button on the Brain.

VEXcode V5.jpg

Launch app-based VEXcode V5.


Connect the V5 Brain to your Chromebook, using the Micro-USB cable.

Screenshot 2023-07-27 2.10.37 PM.png

Your V5 Brain will then connect to app-based VEXcode V5. The Brain icon in the Toolbar will show green to indicate the Brain is connected, and the 'Download', 'Run', and 'Stop' buttons will be available.

You must keep the Brain plugged into your device to maintain the connection, in order to do things like download a project to the Brain.

To Disconnect a VEX V5 Brain


To disconnect your device from an V5 Brain, unplug the Micro-USB cable from your Chromebook or the V5 Brain.

V5 Brain power button (1).png

You can also disconnect an V5 Brain from app-based VEXcode V5 by turning the Brain off.

Turn the Brain off by holding the Power button until the screen on the Brain goes black.

Screenshot 2023-07-27 2.10.50 PM.png

Upon disconnecting, the Brain icon in the Toolbar will show as white, and the 'Download', 'Run', and 'Stop' buttons will be unavailable.

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