A Guide to Types of Available Curriculum for VEXcode VR

VEX offers a comprehensive set of resources and curricular support to enable you to teach computer science successfully and easily using VEXcode VR. VEXcode VR educational offerings afford several levels of facilitation and scaffolding. They can be implemented individually or in combination to best match your teaching style and the needs and interests of your students.

VR Computer Science Courses

The Computer Science Level 1 Blocks Course, and the Computer Science Level 1 Python Course are introductory computer science courses taught using engaging, robotics-based activities in VEXcode VR. As students solve various coding challenges using the VR Robot, they learn about fundamental computer science concepts such as project flow, loops, conditions and algorithms.

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VR Activities

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VEXcode VR Activities are simple, student-facing, one-page student engagements that can be completed independently by students. They offer an engaging coding challenge with scaffolded levels of exploration. They can be used as a quick lesson, in a learning center, or as a supplement to the Computer Science Level 1 Blocks or Python courses. There are a variety of activities that address computer science concepts as well as cross-curricular connections, making them ideal for a variety of classroom implementations.

VR Activity Labs

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A VEXcode VR Activity Lab is offers a sequence of related VEXcode VR Activities. They are student facing and designed for students to complete independently, and offer support and scaffolding for students as they complete the Lab. Activity Labs can be used for a more extended engagement with  particular VR Playgrounds, and are flexible in that they can be adapted for a whole-class engagement if desired, or in any way that meets your students' needs.

VR Camps

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VEX Camps come in two forms:  traditional educator-facilitated camps and online camps. Thematic educator-facilitated camps are organized in 1, 3, and 5 day implementations around a variety of themes.

Online camps are video-based camps led by VEX Experts, and can be implemented anywhere, anytime. Both kinds of camps can be used all year around, from summer enrichment or fall fundraisers to winter break offerings or spring family fun days, as well as in the classroom.


Where Do I Start?

If you are beginning to teach computer science with VEXcode VR for the first time, it is easy to get your program up and running.  

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Visit teachvr.vex.com to find a walkthrough of essential VEXcode VR Curricular and support resources, including a welcome video, Scope and Sequences, project sharing information and where to find solutions for VR Activities and course challenges.

For more information, help, and tips, check out the many resources at VEX Professional Development Plus

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