Testing a VEXcode V5 Competition Template Project

Once you have created your project in the Competition Template, you can test the project on your robot using these steps. This is a great way to practice your autonomous routine or driver control strategy.

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Begin by downloading your project to your V5 Brain. Ensure that your Controller is paired with the Brain and turned on.


Next, place the robot at its starting position on the field. On the Controller, select the right arrow to move the screen to the “Programs” option.


Open the “Programs” option by selecting the A button.


Select your Competition Template project by selecting the A button.


Use the right arrow to move the screen to the “Timed Run” option.


This will open the Start Match screen. You will see the breakdown of the match: 15 seconds for Autonomous and 1 minute and 45 seconds for Driver Control. Select the A button to start the countdown.


After counting down from 3, the match will begin.


The Autonomous portion of the match will automatically begin. The timer will count down from 15 seconds on the Controller screen.


At the end of the 15 second Autonomous portion, the 1 minute and 45 second Driver Control section will begin. The timer on the Controller's screen will count down. 

Once the timer reaches 0, the project will automatically stop.

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