Overview: VEX PD+ Community

The VEX Professional Development Plus (PD+) Professional Learning Community is a place to learn from and be inspired by fellow educators who are teaching with VEX in a wide range of learning environments around the world. The Community is also the place to get feedback from VEX's team of experts who contribute to the Community regularly. Through participating in the Community, you are able to work collaboratively to improve your teaching skills and student performance with the VEX Continuum. 

The PD+ Community is a community of professionals that engages regularly, coming together to learn from each other. Educators can ask questions, share expertise, and work collaboratively to improve STEM teaching skills and student performance. Through participating in the VEX PD+ Community, you have the opportunity to be a part of a worldwide community of educators that are dedicated to enhancing STEM Learning for both teachers and students in ways that are engaging, relevant, and equitable.

Ways to Access the PD+ Community

With a Free PD+ Account 


Once you are logged into VEX PD+, you can access the Community by selecting 'Community' from the Dashboard. 

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You can read through discussions for each VEX platform to immediately begin learning from educators around the world. Once you earn an Educator Certification by completing an Intro Course, you will be able to post in discussions for the corresponding VEX platform.

View this article to learn how to make your first post and introduce yourself to the Community.

Upon Earning a Certification

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Once you have earned a Certification, you will gain access to the PD+ Community. You will be able to read, respond, and post in the discussions within the platform that corresponds to your certification. 

The image here shows an example of a VEX GO Certified educator's PD+ Community page. 

View this article to learn how to make your first post and introduce yourself to the Community.

With a PD+ All Access Account 

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By becoming a PD+ All Access member, you will immediately gain access to participate in all discussions within the PD+ Community, with or without a certification. By posting questions, sharing ideas, and exploring a wealth of information within each VEX platform, you will grow immensely. View this article to learn how to make your first post and introduce yourself to the Community.


Features of the PD+ Community

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The PD+ Community is organized by VEX platform categories that include the following:

  • VEX - general discussion topics that could apply across multiple VEX platforms 
  • VEX 123 - topics that apply to VEX 123
  • VEX GO - topics that apply to VEX GO
  • VEX IQ - topics that apply to VEX IQ
  • VEX VR - topics that apply to VEXcode VR 
  • VEX VIQRC - topics that apply to the VIQC Competition
  • VEX V5 - topics that apply to VEX V5
  • VEX V5RC- topics that apply to the V5 Robotics Competition
  • VEX EXP - topics that apply to VEX EXP 
  • VEX CTE Workcell- topics that apply to the CTE Workcell 


Under the Latest tab, you will see a list of recently posted topics with information to help you find the topics that are most relevant to you. Information shown includes:

  • Post Title
  • Author Icon
  • Category
  • Number of responses to the post
  • Time since the last response

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Selecting the profile icon in the upper right hand corner will display notifications about PD+ Community threads that you are participating in. See at a glance if your post was liked received a response. 

View this article to learn more about viewing and creating posts in the PD+ Community.

For more information, help, and tips, check out the many resources at VEX Professional Development Plus

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