Understanding the Pathways to VEX Certifications

In today's education landscape, keeping up-to-date with relevant teaching tools and strategies is key. A noteworthy opportunity for educators in this regard is earning a VEX Professional Development Plus (PD+) certification. VEX Robotics, a leading provider of STEM education, offers an innovative professional development platform known as VEX PD+. This article aims to guide educators through the various pathways to obtaining a VEX PD+ certificate.  

Intro Courses

One of the primary routes to VEX PD+ certification involves passing an exam at the conclusion of one of VEX's free Intro Courses in VEX PD+. VEX offers free Intro Courses for each VEX platform. These courses are designed to familiarize educators with their VEX platform and provide hands-on experience with VEX technologies.


Upon successful completion of a course and its associated certification exam, teachers receive a certificate as recognition of their competence. Along with the certification, educators gain entry to VEX PD+'s Professional Learning Community for the platform(s) for which they have achieved certification. This vibrant community serves as an invaluable resource where educators can network, share knowledge, and seek guidance on how best to utilize VEX technologies in their classrooms.

VEX Masterclasses

VEX PD+ certification can also be obtained through passing a certification exam at the conclusion of a VEX Masterclass, within the paid (All-Access) tier of PD+. VEX Masterclasses are offered for all VEX platforms and include introductory level courses through more advanced pedagogy-focused courses, and are designed to enable educators to advance their VEX STEM teaching proficiency.

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Upon successful completion of a course and its associated certification exam, teachers receive a certificate as recognition of their achievement. 

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1-on-1 Sessions

Completing a 1-on-1 Session in PD+ also will allow you to earn a certificate. 1-on-1 Sessions offer a unique opportunity for PD+ subscribers to engage in personalized professional development with VEX educational experts. They offer educators the ability to have their own questions answered, to brainstorm for their setting, and to learn how to implement VEX to best meet their unique needs in 30-minute increments. Use the calendar on the 1-on-1 Sessions page in order to schedule your next 1-on-1 Session and earn a certificate.

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Live Sessions

Another path to obtaining a VEX PD+ certificate is through attendance at a VEX PD+ Live Session. These interactive sessions are led by VEX experts. They offer insights into the latest advancements in educational robotics and demonstrate best practices in implementing these technologies.


Earning a certificate through live sessions requires active participation. At the end of a session, attendees are awarded certificates, which not only validate their attendance but also their dedication to continual professional growth in the dynamic field of robotics education.

VEX Robotics Educators Conference


The final path to VEX PD+ certification highlighted here is attendance at the annual VEX Robotics Educators Conference at VEX Worlds. This conference serves as a significant convergence point for educators from around the globe, where they can learn from leading experts in the field, participate in workshops, and network with other STEM professionals.

Certificates are awarded to attendees of the conference, making it another valuable avenue for obtaining a VEX PD+ certificate. 

In conclusion, obtaining a VEX PD+ certificate can be accomplished through various means, each offering unique learning experiences. Regardless of the pathway chosen, educators who obtain a VEX PD+ certificate demonstrate their commitment to professional development and their dedication to integrating technological advancements into their pedagogy. 

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