Using the Pre-Match Checklist in VRC Virtual Skills

To begin your Virtual Skills Over Under Match, you must use the Pre-Match checklist to select your robot starting location, your robot starting direction, whether or not your robot has a preload, and the Field preload location.

For more information about Match Load Triballs, view the VRC 2023-2024 Over Under Game Manual and Appendix B - Robot Skills Challenge.

How to Choose a Starting Location


When you open the VR Virtual Skills Over Under Playground, the Pre-Match Checklist will be visible. The first item in the checklist is the starting location.

The default starting location is "E". To choose a different starting location, select the Edit button in the Pre-Match Checklist.


Then select the letter that corresponds to the desired starting location.

How to Choose a Starting Direction 


Select the Starting Direction box in the Pre-Match Checklist. Two arrow buttons will appear beside Striker.


Select the arrow button to rotate Striker to face your chosen starting direction.

How to Select Robot Preloads and Field Preload Locations 


The Robot Preload setting defaults to 'Yes.' If you do not want to start with a preload, select the toggle switch to turn it to 'No.' The preloaded Triball will removed from Striker.


To change your Field Preload Location, select the Field Preload Location Box in the Pre-Match Checklist, and then select the Edit button. 


Next, select the number that corresponds to your desired Field Preload Location. Select the 'Done' button when you are finished.

How to Close and Reopen the Pre-Match Checklist


When you open the VRC Over Under Playground, the Pre-Match Checklist will be open. After you have finished making your selections, select the 'Begin Run' button to close the Pre-Match Checklist.


To reopen the Pre-Match Checklist, select the 'Starting Position' button on the left side of the Playground Window.

For additional information about using the VRC Over Under Virtual Skills Window, see this article.

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