Understanding the VRC Over Under Field Layout

The Field in the VRC Over Under Playground in VEXcode VR has the same dimensions and setup as the Field for an in-person Skills Match in the 2023-2024 VRC Over Under Competition game. This information can be useful when creating projects in VRC Over Under for VEXcode VR.


Field Dimensions


Each tile on the Field is 600mm by 600mm (~24 inches by 24 inches).


The Field is six full tiles long. In total, the Field is 3.65m (~12 feet) long, as indicated by the blue line in this image.

The Field is six full tiles wide. In total, the Field is 3.65m (~12 feet) wide, as indicated by the red line in this image.

Measurement Notes


Each full tile measurement begins and ends at the edge of the tile.


The total Field measurements begin and end at the inner edge of the Field perimeter.

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