Using Match Loads in VRC Over Under for VEXcode VR

While coding in VRC Over Under Virtual Skills, you may utilize Match Load Triballs in accordance with the guidelines set out in the VRC 2023-2024 Over Under Game Manual and Appendix B - Robot Skills Challenge.

Match Load Triball Locations


Select the eye icon to see where each of the Match Load areas are located.


Location labels, 'LZ,' will appear on the Field beneath any game elements. Because there are two Match Load Zones, they will be labeled 'LZ 1' and 'LZ 2.'

To remove these labels, select the eye icon again.

How to Place Match Load Triballs


You can see the current number of Match Load Triballs available at any point during the match in the upper left of the Playground Window.

The number of Match Loads you begin with is dependent on if you choose to use a preload in the Pre-Match Checklist. Any preloads not used will be added to total Match Load Triballs.


Select the button that corresponds with the Match Load Zone you want to use where you want to place a Match Load Triball. The 'LZ 1' button will put a Triball in the Match Load Zone at the top left of the Field and the 'LZ 2' button will put a Triball in the Match Load Zone on the bottom left side of the Field.

Note: You must start the project before any Match Load Triballs can be placed on the Field.


If a Triball is already present in the Match Load Zone, the button for that zone will be disabled and appear transparent.

Match Loads can be added more than once while the project is running.

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