Using the VIQRC Full Volume Playground Window

The VIQRC Full Volume Playground is a virtual representation of the Field for the VIQRC Full Volume (2023-2024) Competition game. The VIQRC Full Volume Playground Window is a space for the Hero Bot, Byte, to interact and move to play VIQRC Full Volume Virtual Skills. 



How to Choose Your Starting Position


The default starting position is at the “A” location. Select the 'Starting Position' button to choose a different starting position for your robot. Then, select a letter to choose your new starting position. 

How to Start, Stop, and Reset a Project 


Select the 'Start' button to start a project.

This button will change to a 'Stop' button when a project is actively running.


Selecting the “Stop” button will stop the project and the timer immediately.

The Score Window will appear at this time. See below for more information on the Score Window.


Select the “Reset” button to reset the timer, point value, and Field.

How to View Your Score and the Timer 


Your score can be seen above the Field on the left side. This will be updated in real-time after the project is started.


The timer is located above the Field on the right side.

The timer begins when a project is started and counts down from 1:00. The timer will count down until 'Stop' is selected, the [Stop project] block is used in the project, or the timer reaches 0 seconds.

How to Retry and Close the Score Window


Select the 'Retry' button to return to the Field and reset the timer and score.


Select the “X” in the top-left corner to close the Score Window and return to the Field.

This will not reset the Field, timer, or score. It will return to the Field exactly as it was at the moment the project was stopped.

How to Expand and Shrink the Playground Window


The window begins at a smaller size by default. If you want to expand the window, select the 'Expand' button at the top left corner.


Select the 'Shrink' button in the top-left corner to return the window to the default size.

How to Hide and Show the Playground Window


Select the 'Hide' button to collapse the Playground Window. This will still keep the blue toolbar at the top of the window visible.


To view the full window again, select the 'Show' button.

How to Select Different Camera Views 


Select the 'Top Camera' button to see an overhead view of the entire Field. This is the default view when you open the VIQRC Full Volume Playground Window.


Select the 'Chase Camera' button to see a behind-the-robot view.

How to View Settings


Select the gear icon to open the Settings window.


Data about your device will be displayed in the Settings window. This can be used to help troubleshoot any performance issues.

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