The Value of Attending VEX PD+ Live Sessions: Learn, Explore, Connect

In an ever-evolving educational landscape, staying informed and up-to-date with the latest advancements in teaching and learning methodologies is vital for educators. VEX Robotics, a leading innovator in educational technology, aims to provide top-notch resources and support to educators and learners through their VEX Professional Development Plus (PD+) platform. By attending VEX PD+ Live Sessions, educators can access invaluable insights, creative lesson ideas and implementations, and engage with a Professional Learning Community that enhances their teaching experience. In this article, we will delve into the reasons why attending a VEX PD+ Live Session is a valuable experience for both educators and students.

What is a Live Session? 

Live Sessions are monthly, virtual, hour-long sessions led by PD+ Experts. A Live Session Series is organized around a central theme, like cross-curricular connections, math and robotics, engineering, makerspaces, or informal education. Sessions within a series are not cumulative, so you can attend one, two, or all of the unique sessions depending on your interest and availability. During a Live Session, the hosts will demonstrate unique implementations, lesson ideas, and teaching strategies that will help you go beyond the STEM Labs with your own VEX materials in your classroom.

You will find ideas that you can take back to your classroom the next day, or some that you can work into your curriculum or practice over time. All Live Sessions are recorded, so you can view them later to revisit an idea, or share it with a colleague. Sessions also have a dedicated thread in the Community, where participants can continue the discussion from a session, offer ideas, ask questions, and help to shape future Session content in real time.


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Additionally, Live Sessions are archived and posted so they can be watched at a later date, for those who cannot attend a particular session. They can be accessed by selecting the link that matches the date of the missed session. 

What is the value of attending a Live Session?

Exposure to Expertise

VEX PD+ Live Sessions are led by the experienced and passionate educators of the VEX Robotics team. By attending these live sessions, teachers gain access to the expertise and knowledge of these accomplished professionals. Participants can learn from their experiences, insights, and perspectives, which can prove invaluable when applied to their own classrooms.

Discovering Innovative Teaching Techniques

VEX PD+ Live Sessions showcase unique robotics implementations, cross-curricular connections, and pedagogical strategies, which can help educators adapt to the constantly changing educational environment. By attending these Sessions, teachers can uncover new techniques and approaches that promote student engagement, enhance critical thinking, and foster a love for learning. This, in turn, can significantly improve student outcomes.

Access to Resources and Tools

VEX PD+ Live Sessions provide participants with access to resources and tools that can aid in effective lesson planning and delivery. Educators can learn new ways to integrate VEX Robotics into their teaching plans, whether by recreating an activity or lesson shown in a Live Session, or using the Live Session as inspiration to create their own lessons. VEXcode projects, Activities, and Session resources are shared via the Community thread after each Session, so participants can access these materials and make them their own. This can help teachers save time and effort while providing students with a rich, engaging learning experience.

Opportunities for Networking and Collaboration

Attending a VEX PD+ Live Session offers educators the chance to connect with like-minded professionals from around the world. This global network of educators can offer valuable support, collaboration opportunities, and the exchange of ideas and best practices. By tapping into this Community, teachers can expand their professional horizons, overcome challenges, and grow in their careers.

Personalized Professional Development

VEX PD+ Live Sessions cater to a wide range of educational topics and subjects, allowing teachers to select those that align with their personal interests and professional goals. This personalized approach to professional development empowers educators to continuously grow and refine their teaching practices, ultimately benefiting their students. The topics and content of each Live Session is directly inspired by conversations with VEX educators in the Community. PD+ educators contribute directly to help shape Live Sessions by asking questions and offering suggestions.


Attending a VEX PD+ Live Session is an investment in teachers’ futures, offering a wealth of benefits for both educators and students. With access to expertise, innovative teaching techniques, resources, networking opportunities, and personalized professional development, educators can transform their classrooms and pave the way for student success.

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