Overview: VEX PD+ Live Sessions

PD+ Live Sessions are one of the many valuable professional development offerings available to PD+ subscribers. They offer educators the ability to augment their teaching with VEX by engaging with learning that goes beyond the STEM Labs.

You will need to have an active subscription to PD+ to enroll in PD+ Live Sessions. For more information on activating or obtaining a PD+ subscription, see this article.

What is a Live Session?


The Live Sessions are monthly, virtual, hour-long sessions led by PD+ Experts. The sessions are organized around a central theme, but are not cumulative, so you can attend one, two, or all of the unique sessions depending on your interest and availability.

Features of PD+ Live Sessions


Live Sessions span the VEX Continuum

Live Sessions cover all VEX platforms across the continuum and are designed to be accessible for all levels of VEX teaching expertise. Whether you are new to teaching with VEX, or a veteran teacher, Live Sessions will offer new ideas to propel you on your STEM teaching journey.


Interwoven within a Professional Learning Community

Each Live Session has a PD+ Community thread that serves as the session communication hub. Session participants can post reflections, questions and ideas in this thread. The PD+ Experts leading the course will both participate in and derive session content from the discussions in this thread, in order to directly meet the interests and needs of those participating in each session.


Thematic content to help you make the most of your students' learning

PD+ Live Sessions cover a wide variety of subject matter that provides you with the insights and tools you need to take your students' learning experiences with VEX even further.

Live Sessions include opportunities to build foundational background knowledge, like in Engineering 101, as well as interest-based ways to bring educational robotics into other areas of teaching, such as  the Bring STEM to Life session. Use Live Session content to augment and adapt your lessons, learn practical teaching strategies to use in your classroom right away, and get inspired by other VEX educators in the session.

Enrolling in a Live Session


To enroll in a Live Session, select the 'Enroll in Series' button on the Live Session Tile. For more information about enrolling in a Live Session, see this article.


The Community Discussion button on a Live Session tile will take you directly to the Community thread associated with that Session. Use this thread to read about session content, ask and answer questions from participants, engage in dialogue, suggest ideas for future sessions, and make the most of your Live Session learning. Participants are encouraged to engage with the Community often, as session hosts will use this thread to help shape Live Sessions.


For each Session in a Series that you attend, you will receive a certificate to show your time spent in the session. This can be helpful when tracking your professional development hours for your school or organization.

For more information, help, and tips, check out the many resources at VEX Professional Development Plus

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