Charging the VEX V5 Controller

In order to charge your V5 Controller, follow along with the steps in this article.


First, ensure you have all of the materials you need to get started:

  • A micro-usb cable
  • A V5 Controller
  • A power source (such as a charging cube connected to an outlet or a computer)

How to Charge a V5 Controller


Connect the micro-usb cable to the Controller’s charge port located underneath the power button.

The micro-usb cable must be connected to a power source to charge the Controller.

The battery charge icon on the screen will indicate that the Charger is successfully charging.


You can turn the Controller on and off by pressing and holding the power button.


If the Controller is still actively charging, the battery indicator will fluctuate.

Once the Controller is fully charged, the battery icon will be displayed as full.

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