Using the Context Menu in VEXcode V5 Python

Right-clicking in VEXcode V5 leads to many options to help you with your Python coding. 

Opening the Context Menu


Right-clicking on a command or in the programming area will open the Context Menu


Notice the shortcuts on the right side of the Context Menu. These will match with your keyboard depending on your operating system. Here a macOS device is being used.

Changing Font Size


Sometimes it can be hard to read the text commands because the font is too small. Use the 'Font Increase' option to make the commands in the workspace larger.


To make the font smaller, use the 'Font Decrease' option.


If you want to return to the default font size in the workspace, select the 'Font Reset' option

Line Comments


Selecting one of the 'Line Comment' options will allow you to change a command to a comment or vice versa. This is useful if you want to momentarily disable a command and test your project again.

In the video shown here, each of the three line commands are used to edit what is a comment in the project.

Cut, Copy, and Paste


Using the options in the Context Menu or the same traditional keyboard shortcuts, you can cut, copy, and paste text in your project. This is useful when you want to move code from one location to another or edit large chunks of code in your project.

Command Help and Changing Occurrences

By right-clicking a command and then selecting 'Command Help' in the Context Menu, the Help information will appear.

Changing occurrences is helpful when you want to bulk change a set of commands in your project. In the example shown here, the drive_for command was incorrectly typed, then copy and pasted 3 additional times. By right-clicking on the first command to open the Context Menu, you can select 'Change All Occurrences' and it will select all occurrences of that typed command. Then you can edit the commands as shown in this video. 

Note: Occurrences must exactly match. If one of the drive_for commands, in this video, was spelled correctly, it would not be highlighted.

Command Pallet

The Command Pallet opens all of the available commands and shortcuts that can be used in the workspace. Open the Command Pallet by right-clicking then selecting 'Command Pallet.'

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