Understanding and Using EXP Tools


This article is intended for those who are just starting out in VEX EXP and may be new to building, more specifically, building with metal. The purpose of this article is to familiarize you with the tools provided in the EXP Kit in order to begin building. The EXP Kit contains two main tools; the Open End Wrench and the T15 Star Drive Key. View the video below as well as the information included in the rest of this article to learn more about these tools and their uses.

Note: the video above shows references to V5, but the same concepts can be applied to EXP.

EXP Tool Uses

Open End Wrench


The purpose of the Open End Wrench is to hold a nut or standoff in place while a screw is being secured to it. By holding the nut or standoff in place with the wrench, it will allow the screw to be securely fastened to your build.


In EXP, only the smaller end is used to hold:

  • #8-32 Low Profile Nuts
    • This is the only nut in the EXP system.
  • #8-32 Standoffs
    • Length of the standoff does not matter.

T15 Star Drive Key



The purpose of the T15 Star Drive Key is to drive all screws in your EXP Kit, the #8-32 Star Drive Screw. This is done by using the unique star drive shape of the key driving the imprinted #8-32 Star Drive Screw.

For more information and a demonstration on securing screws to nuts, view this article from the VEX Library.

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