Setting the Starting Position of the VR 123 Robot

Each Activity that opens in the 123 Playspace has a default starting position for the VR 123 Robot. You can change the starting position on the Field and the direction the VR 123 Robot is facing with the Choose Location button. 

Using the Choose Location Button


From the Playground Window, you can select the 'Choose Location' button at any time to set the starting position of the VR 123 Robot on the Field. 


The Choose Location dialogue box will open, asking you where you want the robot to start.

Setting the VR 123 Robot's Location


Within the dialogue box, select the square on the Field in which you would like the VR 123 Robot to be placed.


Once selected, the VR 123 Robot will appear in the new location. 

To select a different location, select a different square on the Field. 

Changing the Starting Direction of the VR 123 Robot


Use the left and right arrow buttons in the dialogue box to change the direction the VR 123 Robot is facing. Each press of the button will rotate the robot 90 degrees in the selected direction. Continue pressing the buttons until the VR 123 Robot faces your desired direction. 


The VR 123 Robot will turn and face the direction selected. 


Once you have the VR 123 Robot in the desired starting location and direction, select the Confirm button to return to the 123 Playspace.


The VR 123 Robot is now ready to be coded from its new starting position!

You can change the starting position at any time using the Choose Location button.

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